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Lunch for Children is a well-known Chinese charity organization. In April 2011, celebrated journalist Mr. Deng Fei established this organization with support from 500 journalists and China Social Welfare Foundation. From its establishment in April 2011, Lunch for Children has raised $309.17 million RMB and provided 757 schools with healthy free lunch to children free from hunger. 

With a strong sense of social responsibility, the Red Cross Society of China is devoted to domestic and international public welfare. On September 3rd, 2016, Liu Xuanguo, the vice president of the Red Cross Society of China, published an article, reflecting upon the observations made during his journey in Africa. In the article, Liu revealed that in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, there were around 100,000 children who were begging for food on the streets. Many poor families were unable to afford breakfast and lunch for their children, which was one of the many reasons children of school age did not attend school. Provide free food in school can reduce the dropout rate, it has been proved through many of our cases in China and Kenya.

Deng Fei, founder of Lunch for Children, was deeply touched by the article, so he proposed Lunch for Children in Africa on China Charity Fair held in October 2016. At the same time, Deng invited Yin Binbin, founder of Dream Building Service Association (DBSA), to assemble and lead a special project team in Africa, as DBSA is an international nonprofit organization with rich knowledge and experience in developing welfare programs to help disadvantaged and marginalized groups in poverty-stricken areas. With the one million RMB donation of Xue Yu, founder of Pearl Humanitarian Rescue Institution, Lunch for Children was finally ready to go abroad.

As of now, Lunch for Children in Africa has been launched officially with the support of China Social Welfare Foundation, the Red Cross Society of China, and Dream Building Service Association, and the execution team has already begun its work in Kenya. Every donation the program has received is remitted to a public account, and every penny is used on the program. The operation of the program will be strictly monitored and evaluated at all times.

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