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In March 2017, Lunch for Children in Africa was first implemented in six primary schools in Mathare, Kenya. Since July 2017, Lunch for Children in Africa has been operating smoothly and steadily. Based on the positive feedback of the first implementation, the team decided to expand the program to include more schools with the intention to join the program. Now any qualified applications are welcome.

The base of our executive team is in Kenya. To emphasize transparency, every dollar we have received will be clearly recorded and be used on paying for the food supply chain. Local cooks, food suppliers, and school representatives are contracted. Program operation is strictly monitored and constantly under evaluation for greater program efficiency and effectiveness.

On the program website, the quarterly reports, which provide detailed budget statements, will be released every month to ensure that the received funds have been used appropriately. 

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General Contact:  admin@lunchforchildren.org‍  

School Application:  application@lunchforchildren.org

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